Marketing Analytics

We help you to analyze your company current marketing performance with our professional marketing knowledge.

Strategic Consulting

We offer consultation that help you to develop a tailor-made strategy according to your situation.

Media Buy Strategic

We provide advertising service that help you to gain more exposure in the public area, like on the bus, broadcast in different television and radio channel. 

Pricing Strategy

We help you to evaluate a competitive price of your product or service to improve your sales.

Customer Segmentation

We divide your target client in to different group, like age, interest and etc to work out the most suitable marketing strategy to your company.

Social Media ROI

We have a professional criterion to assist us to evaluate the performance of the marketing strategy on your social media.

Customer Loyalty Analysis

We will decide the performance of the marketing strategy by measuring customer long-term relationship with your company.

Brand Equity

We will analyze the customer impression and recognizance towards your brand and product or service to evaluate the result of the marketing strategy.

Marketing Mix Modeling 

We are good at using statistical analysis to estimate our marketing strategy on sales and impact. 

Why do you need

Market Consultant

With their professional knowledge, they can notice the obstacles that the company encounters. Afterward, it facilitates them to formulate the professional marketing strategy to solve the obstacle and to promote your brand more effective and efficient. 

Our Professional Team
" I believe marketing creative can keep business power continuously - it's creative power"    Kenny Tang said


He worked for a number of biggest media company and 4As for advertising development.

Graduated from:
Master of Information Technology (University of Warwick, UK)
Master of Marketing Management (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 
M.Sc. in Data Science and Business Statistics (The Chinese University of Hong Kong grad in 2017)

Kenny brings his over 10 years of experience in advertising and business development into K marketing. With his lead and specialty, K marketing specializes in helping the company brand building, IT solution and marketing strategy. 


We believe in ourselves to make impossible possible.
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