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The impact of Facebook



As the largest social networking platform in the world, there are more than 10 hundred million active users around the world. In Hong Kong, there is more than 380 million people use Facebook every day; if we account it monthly, there are more than 4.4 million users in Hong Kong. We can see that the market penetration rate of it is more than 60%. And according to a survey, people spend time on Facebook is much longer than other websites and media (for example, television and magazine). And most of them search for more information and evaluation of the product through Facebook before they go purchase. Some of them may even purchase directly in Facebook.

Therefore, we can see that except for communication, Facebook also have a great influence of purchase decision. Use Facebook to disseminate your product must make your product/service more well-known; it may be more effective than using television, newspaper or other
advertising. In fact, it may have many people crave for your product in the market, but they have not found your product and website yet; or even do not know you exist. Through using Facebook to propaganda, you can get more publicity; so much so that to extend your corporation to the world.

How to use Facebook to propagate in an effective way

We know that Facebook has a huge number of potential customers, but compared to other media such as television advertisement, the promotion and operation cost of Facebook is much lower. Therefore, be good at using Facebook can let your get a successful promotion. However, there is not only one method to do Facebook online promotion, different method receive different result. If you want to find a method which fit your company and get the biggest result with lower cost, you have to choose us. We can help you get in front of your competitors.



Example of using Facebook to search product