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Brand new media – The Social Media

We concern about the new media not because it’s new, the fundamental principle of new media do not have much new content. What is the media? The media is like a set of pipeline system, a pipe, a flow of the liquid inside, and the pipe is media.

Whether it is television, Weibo, Wechat, the inside flow of gasoline, natural gas is the content we want to say. Many people say that content is the king. However, we believe that this sentence is not entirely correct. The content is important, but it is not the only important thing.

In the related courses in the School of Management, most of the learning content is about how to describe and predict human behavior. As studying finance is to know how to predict people's investment decision, when to buy and what time to sell. If it is to do marketing, it must consider what time consumers to buy a brand, how much to buy and when the dealer to cut prices.

Predicting each person's behavior accurately is actually very difficult, but there are some big trend is easy to predict. For example, predicting what people do every day before sleep and after waking up, is relatively easy. Most people are likely to see mobile phone before going to bed and like their friend’s photos.

There is no doubt that social media can help to predict individual behavior. In another aspect, enterprises pay more attention to social media, not only the simple attention of clicking like. However, social media for businesses, has a special meaning. Both saving marketing costs and improve the brand image Also, how to play the role of social media tools are worth pondering.


Why does the enterprise need social media?

Why does an enterprise needs social media? Every business has a myriad of problems to solve. These problems have already existed before the appearance of the social media, but social media provides a new tool. So do social media companies intend to solve the problems? For example, some enterprises like to listen to the voice of the customer through the introduction of social media. They used to expect customers to take the initiative to make telephone complaints, but now, enterprises can listen to users through Weibo, Wechat etc. In addition, some enterprises need to provide better customer service, customers who are dissatisfied can make online complaints directly. In addition, they can sell more products through social media and also obtain innovative idea from customers.

In many companies simplest view, the social media is still media, and the media is to advertise. In fact, this is wrong, in social media advertising is not about spending money.


Traditional advertising VS new media advertising

The money I spent on advertising, half are wasted, but I do not know which half is wasted.” said John, a British unnamed department store owner hundred years ago. The fact that he described in today is present or disappear? The problem still exists, the enterprise do advertising in the media, but they never know who saw or heard advertisement. Enterprises do not know whether consumers bought it or not, just think that is useful. Yet even business owners know that there may be half the cost of advertising is wasted, will they continue to advertise? Yes, of course. Why don’t they avoid this waste? Through social media, not only free advertising, people can also spread the content that the companies want to spread. It also achieves the effect of advertising, but whether this idea of enterprise can achieve?

All marketing communication, whether advertising or public relations, have two parts of cost. First, the media cost, to do TV ads, we need to buy advertising time; to do magazine advertising, we need to buy Suites, and these all need money.

The second part is the production costs. However, after buying a television ad time, what video should be put? Enterprises hire someone to produce the video, for example, celebrity endorsement, taking a 30 seconds of video, it already spending a lot of money, especially for high quality video. If companies want to save money through social media, can the cost of those two parts of be saved?


How to save the cost of social media advertising

Do not want to spend money on advertising media, magazines, newspapers or television, how can we do this? A research professor at the Walton School of business found if companies really want the people spread your content through social media for free, the principle is the following two: first, make sure not to talk about your product, do not put your product as the core of your content; second, to say what people concerned about and interested as the topic, as a bright spot, but why do so? With topics of interest, they spread out the information that related to products, if you want to eliminate the cost of the media, the most important task is to create conditions and opportunities for the people willing to talk about the

products characteristics, and keep showing the product as a selling point.