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The bandwidth use on the mobile phone will exceed fixed network in the next 2 years. That is the main source of data collected by the mobile phone will be started, then is the mobile phone media important?

The first thing to do is easy to winter mobile phone media promotion must have a mobile phone platform with mobile phone customers can clearly see the promotion of our products and services, which is an important window or online platform.

Many people want to do mobile phone marketing but they even do not have a mobile phone Webpage version, also don't know what app is.


How to do mobile marketing

Knowing exactly how they use their mobile phone.

Then, they need to figure out what their clients do with the mobile phone

They should set a sign for the company, or just ask people to find out whether they are in the use of the cell phones to text messages, photographing or scanning bar code. Then, they can adjust their strategies accordingly.

They should get their customer's mobile phone number. In any marketing material, they should say 'please tell us your telephone number, so that we can send you messages'. Each phone can receive text messages, but only the smart phone app can run.

When customers tell you their number, they basically willing to keep contact with you. You need to be refined and courteous, make sure your messages are valuable to them,

After your initial message, you may say like this in the second message, "we have a week to send up to two messages, one of which will be a preference or sale notice".


Proactive marketing tool – Mobile

Include a call to action. "The mobile phone is not a passive marketing tool," said Martin. "It's not like the ads in the newspaper", he suggested that should include video, this will usually obtain 15% to 25% higher hits than messages. "This could just be some new product launch in 15 to 20 seconds of video," he said. You can also consider the establishment of two clients through the use of phone scanning (QR) bar code, which will direct them into a web site. Quick response code is the first in Asia, in American also becomes more and more popular. For example, Martin in his books have a quick response code.

Create your website of a mobile phone edition. Most companies have websites, but they are rarely mobile phone friendly. "No matter who build or maintain their website can create a mobile phone version," Martin said. "Mobile site is obviously too small, and if they use WordPress (a blog system), they can automatically convert a very simple method to.

Please remember, mobile phone is in order to retain customers, rather than the acquisition of. "It is not to acquire new customers," said Martin. "The use of mobile phone make a better services to your clients. Many businesses have made mistakes, act in a diametrically opposite way. You need to be seen as a kind of interactive relationship and your best customers the way".