The New Era of Advertising - Facebook Marketing
The new era of advertising gives marketers and companies a brand new environment to promote their brand, product or service in a cheaper but even more effective way in terms of drawing audience attention and sales in return.

As the world's largest social media platform, there are over 100 million active users worldwide. In Hong Kong, where 7.5 million people are a small place, the number of active social platform users already accounts for 78% of the overall population. We can see how big its potential market is. According to a survey, users spend much longer on Facebook than other websites and media (such as TVs and magazines). And most people search through Facebook for more relevant information and reviews of the product before shopping. Some of them even bought directly on Facebook.

Therefore, we can see that in addition to the communication between friends, Facebook also has a great influence on the daily consumption of users. Using Facebook to promote your products may be more effective than using TV, newspapers, or other advertisements. In fact, there may be many people eager to buy your products on the market, but they have not yet found your products and websites. Or they even don't know your existence. By using Facebook to promote, you can get more visibility; so that your company will be expanded to all over the world.


How to use Facebook to propagate in an effective way

We know that Facebook has a huge number of potential customers, but compared to other media such as television advertisements, the promotion and operation cost of Facebook is much lower. Therefore, be good at using Facebook can let you get a successful promotion. However, Facebook is not the only online platform to do promotion, different method receive a different result. If you want to find a method that fits your company and gets the biggest result at a lower cost, you have to choose us. We can help you get in front of your competitors.

Our client - HKJCHKAKA


Our Client - Kaplan

Over the 10 years, we have different experiences in managing different companies and organizations' Facebook pages, some of them are profit-making companies and we aim to create interesting content to draw people's attention and motivate them to purchase their product or service. And some of them are non-profit making organizations while we aim to drive more attention from the public to encourage more people to join their program and learn more about certain messages.