Never missing to hold an Annual Dinner

Employee is always our vital asset. With their help, you can create any miracle in the business world and therefore you will never want to lose one of them. Therefore, it is important to build up the relationship with them.  

Organize a perfect event such as company banquet, hundredth day banquet, spring dinner, Christmas party need many preparations. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), ClubONE are the famous banquet venue in Hong Kong.

Holding a banquet can improve the relations between management and employees, develop the sense of belonging from employees. As a commercial banquets, guests may broaden their business network, maintain the relationships with the corporate business partners. Moreover, holding a large and distinctive company banquet may attract media attention, create the visibility in the public to enhance corporate image.

Importance of an Annual Dinner

A successful business is always include two important elements: business sales and staff. We never create opportunity and develop your business on your own even you are a capable person. Therefore, we help to work with your employee to create planning and execute the ideas. As a result, they company can move on and develop and that's why it is important to build up the relationship with them to make sure the company can run smoothly.
Our Client - Multiline
Kmarketing & communications provide a complete planning service, decoration, design invitation cards, promotional materials, professional; photography, performance, arrange artist provide photograph service (Santa Claus, God of wealth), to make the participants spend a fun and perfect evening.