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Dor fortune

誘餌效應 (Decoy Effect),意指以第3個選項嚟加強目標價格嘅吸引力。蘋果電話就喺其中一個例子。對於一般budget較低嘅用家多喺64GB同128GB(目標)之間選擇,即使大家明知64GB唔喺太夠用,但budget問題相信選擇前者會比較多。不過做得生意當然希望賺得越多越好,所以就有256GB嘅存在。
當budget無咁多嘅消費者見到64GB同256GB相差$1300,而64GB同128GB只相差$500,大家好自然就會認為128GB喺容量同價錢上比較合理而決定購買。根據台灣上年Iphone11的銷售情況,首三位的熱門銷售,分別是iPhone 11 128GB 黑、iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB 金及 iPhone 11 128GB 白,可見願意花錢喺進階機款嘅用家都唔介意花更多嘅錢,而budget有限嘅用家反而更願意選擇128GB。


Solutions for Every Industry

Fruitful Yield Co. Ltd.

Fruitful Yield Co. Ltd. is famous for its canned tuna and sardines food. It is one of the biggest suppliers of canned tuna foods in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Services Provided:
1.Facebook Management
2.Online ad ( Youtube video ad)
3.TVC (e.g. Viu TV, MTR ad)

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P&G provides different kinds of personal health/consumer health, and personal care and hygiene products which help consumers to keep their living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms in good hygiene.

Service Provide:
1. Quantitative & Qualitative Research
(on investigating the stressfulness level of the mothers in Hong Kong)
2. Press conference 
(result reveal)

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Sun Hung Kai Properties

Sun Hung Kai Properties focuses on developing lots of property projects to provide satisfied shopping experience to the public. We have the chances to help it to handle different projects.
Le French May is one of the projects that organize in Metro Plaza.

Service Provided:
1. Event Management
2. Event Content Design
3. Event Decoration

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Pak Fah Yeow International Limited

Pak Fah Yeow International Limited offers high quality medical products and services over 90 years. Its brand in Hong Kong is well-known in society. It always sticks to its primary mission "To be the premier provider of top quality medicated products that are superior to other choices in the markets for all walks of life.". 

Service Provided:
1. Promotional Materials Design and Production

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Dor fortune


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